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Landlords: Why You Never Want Your Rental Property Utilities in Your Name

Use common sense.

Would you cosign a renters vehicle loan? Probably not, because chances are you don’t know your renter that well. Common sense begs the question: why would you put your name on something that’s your renters responsibility? If your rental homes utilities are NOT included in the rent, ensure your renters has the utilities in their name.

Who’s responsible?
If you renter falls behind on paying bills, don’t set yourself up for the responsibility of paying up before a collection notice is issued. Leave the bills in your renters name and it becomes their sole responsibility, or else.

Bills still arrive after renters move out.
When you insist on utility bills being in the renters name, they are required to pay in full even after they exit your property. Regardless of how great your renters are, it’s difficult to connect with them after they’ve moved out, especially if it’s to collect money owing for utility bills.

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